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Rachel & Alfie , April 2017

 We had never owned a dog before and were a bit unsure of what to expect. But after finding Julie_what a God send. We now have a beautiful Norfolk terrier who is so well behaved and is learning new skills and tricks he is just brilliant. Julie Is very dependable and amazing with all dogs. A real pleasure to watch you while you work and it's been a true pleasure for Alfie to learn from you. Thank you xx 

Karen & Bailey, April 2017

 We are so grateful to Julie for helping us get started on the right training road with Bailey. Even though we still have lots of work still to do it's great to know that if we hit a bump she'd just be a call away x 

Ailsa & Buzz, October 2016

 I honestly can't thank Julie enough for the help, guidance and advice given to me and Buzz. The difference in Buzz from a fearful timid wee dog to now venturing down parks and getting to points that we can pass other dogs is amazing. I felt a lot better and gained loads of information even from the first consultation with Julie. Couldn't recommended enough  

Lynda & Cooper, April 2016

 Wow! What can I say I am delighted with the advice I've received from Julie and that's after only one visit! I am now geared up with positive vibes, treats and on the odd occasion my Miss Trunchbull voice lol! I can honestly say what a lovely person - Julie never made me feel that I was in the wrong with my training and showed real patience with me whilst she explained where I'd been going wrong. I am super positive and I know Cooper is going to be an A+ student. Thanks Julie x 

Danielle & Lebowski, December 2015

 Julie is a fountain of doggy knowledge! Had a visit from Julie a few months ago regarding my very naughty Jack Russel, who despises other dogs and people. Julie sat with myself and Lebowski for over an hour, providing me with a detailed training plan and lots of check ins to see how we are getting on. Lebowski is coming on slowly but surely! Julie is always very happy to help with any queries I have and has been a life saver! I would highly recommend 

Kimberley & Buddy, June 2016

 Would highly recommend Julie Smith. From not being able to walk my 7 year old jack Russell buddy without getting into a fight with other dogs I took Julies advice on bored on how to deal with the issue and now buddy could not be any better and we can enjoy our walks without trying to dodge other dogs. Thanks again Julie you have been an amazing help 

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