Become YOUR dogs trainer!

Let me help coach YOU to become YOUR dogs trainer!! 

Private 121 sessions and time with me to help YOU understand how your dog thinks and learns.

Learn to speak dog, read their body language like a PRO and communicate with your dog as easily as we do one another.

By mastering this... the sky is the limit and you are the one in control!

Why me?

There are MANY many 'trainers' out there to choose from so why me ?? Dog training is as yet still unregulated as far as the industry goes so you have to choose carefully! Don't be lulled by cheap deals and 'guarantee's'! Do your homework and check your trainers credentials, experience in the industry and client feedback! 

I have over 7 years direct training experience along with many certificates and diplomas of which I have spent a lot of time and effort over the years to achieve as well as significant costs towards study and courses

I'm not just selling myself and I don't just love dogs! This is what I do! You will receive honest, professional and experienced help & support from me throughout the time we spend together and YOU will learn as well as your dog.




Thinking of adding a dog to your family?

Making sure you choose the right dog for your family is one of the most important decisions you can make. Choosing a dog to suit your family dynamic, energy levels, and experience needs a lot of consideration. 

What do you want from your dog in the future? Companion to watch TV? Hill walking buddy? Running partner? Agility expert? There is a dog for each person and who will love each different type of home.

I can help you choose the right dog for your family and plan the training ongoing

There are hundreds of breeds of dogs and not all are 'right' for you or your family. Regardless of whats on trend at the time!

I can help you look at different breeds that would best suit your home environment and help you understand which dogs may not be suitable before you take the plunge!

Contact me before you bring home your new bundle of joy for help and advice prior to them joining the family and to get a wealth of information on what you need to buy, what you need to do and plan for. 


Puppy Training

 Bringing a new puppy home can be daunting and hard work. I can help provide basic guidance on how best to integrate your new puppy into your home, from toilet training, basic commands and initial lead walking to ongoing obedience, puppy manners, and how to socialise. 

I can also provide pre-puppy information to help you know what to buy, how best to bring your new puppy home and what to expect.

It's not all cute puppy cuddles at this stage and knowing what to expect can make things a whole lot easier.

My full & in depth puppy programmes help coach you and your puppy throughout the first few weeks and months of their life. 

You will learn much more than just a basic 'socialisation' group class and will learn how your puppies mind works, how they learn, whay they do the things they do and how to train the behaviours you want, quickly& easily!


General Obedience Training

From basic to advanced obedience training I can help you train everything from SIT, STAY and DOWN to LEAVE, HEEL, BACK UP, WAIT and much much more! 

Basic obedience is what I refer to as 'doggy manners' and is a must in my book for all dogs. 

What owner wouldn't want a well mannered dog who doesn't jump all over guests, steal food from plates or run riot when you just want 5 minutes peace! 

The 'basics' are your building blocks for a well trained dog and once you have these steps mastered, the sky is the limit! 


Confidence Building Walks

My 'Confidence Building Dog Walk' is perfect for nervous and reactive dogs and owners!!

This group walk has a max of 7 dogs and owners plus myself along with my assistant and one of my own calm, non-reactive dogs to act as 'Head dog coach' !

These walks will help teach you how to read and understand your own dogs body language, what he's telling you and other dogs and what to do to help him ongoing.

You'll learn how to read a situation and how best to handle them as well as being calmer and more relaxed ongoing, whilst walking your dog around other dogs and people.

No more avoidance!! Learn to enjoy walking your reactive dog!


Socialisation group walks

The 'Socialisation Group Walks' are a fun and easy way to get your dog learning to have fun in and around other dogs. They'll learn to socialise, pick up other dogs body language and behaviours and understand correct 'doggy etiquette' at the park! 

You'll also learn how to understand your dogs and others body language in order to maintain a safe and controlled play time and be aware of when to step in, add some calm and create space when required

These walks are great for dogs of all ages, including puppies and can be for dogs who are full of fun and energy to quiet more reserved dogs who are just happy being in the periphery watching it all go down 


Lead Walking

One of the most common complaints from dog owners to trainers is "How do I stop him pulling on the lead?"

This can be one of the most frustrating things for an owner as it takes a lot of patience and consistency.

I can help you teach your dog how to walk calmly on a lead and more importantly help you understand what you must do in order to achieve this. 

Whether it be training a new puppy, older dog or even a rescue dog it can be done, and can achieved WITHOUT the use of prong collars, choke chains and other aversive techniques. 


Fun & Games !!!

Dogs LOVE to learn and some breeds have a greater need for mental and physical stimulation than others.

Our Border collies for example just love learning new tricks and fun games which helps keep their minds occupied and energy levels down. 

When we meet our dogs needs on both these fronts, we are far less likely to see unwanted behaviours materialise such as excessive barking, chewing or destroying furniture and car chasing!

I can help you learn fun new games, tricks and even agility moves you can practice with your dog, and help you understand and see the difference this can make .


Behaviour modification plans

 Whatever behaviour you may be experiencing from your dog I can help you both understand it and change it. 

From destructiveness and chewing to excessive barking or lunging at other dogs.  I will meet with you in your home environment with your dog and we will spend up to 2 hours discussing things in greater detail as well as putting together a behaviour modification plan which can be worked on to change the unwanted behaviour into a better one moving forward. 

I will help you understand the reasons why the behaviours may have materialised in the first instance and how we can change this and stop it from happening again


Can I help you ?

What would you like to know ?

 I have been studying Dog training and behaviour for many years now and have endless information, books, study materials and advice I can share with you. So if you want to learn more in general please ask .

Whether you are an owner who just wants to know more or someone looking to get into dogs and possibly set up a business around this, please just ask.

Over the last few years I have helped train people looking to set up their own 'Dog' related businesses in Boarding, Walking and day Care and spent months with them teaching them as much as possible from what I know and to what would be relevant for them and their business

Happy to help

Choosing someone to help you train you dog is an important choice and one you should take time in making.

If someone can offer 'cheap' training be wary of their experience, qualifications and skill sets.

At the same time, I do not believe in charging the earth for my help as I would rather people could afford to train their dogs well.

I am happy to say that the majority of my business is from word of mouth from previous clients, most of whom have remained friends.

Please check out my Facebook page and website The Good Dog Guide for all my client reviews and feedback