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Advice on choosing a dog for your family


FREE!!! This is an important decision and once which can save dogs ending up being re-homed or in rescues. Please just contact me through email, phone or Facebook for FREE advice on which dog is best for you and your family

Behaviour Consultations


Initial consultations start from £160 although can be slightly more depending on travel time/ costs and issues involved. 

Consultations take up to 2 hours



The KICKSTART option gives you a full 2 hours consultation and also includes a one hour follow up session within 2 weeks. These start from £175 and will vary slightly depending on travel time/ costs

Puppy Training


I currently offer 4, 6 week or 8 week programmes for puppy training .

Each programme includes unlimited access to myself via messenger for ongoing advice and support as well as advice and 121 training which covers everything you need to know for your new puppy

Contact me for details and programme costs

Tricks, Fun & Games


Fun individual sessions for tricks, canine enrichment lessons and breed specific games from just £45 per session.

Learn how to really interact with your dog and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship and lots of fun at the same time.

Behaviour Programmes


Behaviour programmes are available which include 4, 6 week or 8 weeks

These begin with an initial 2 hour consultation followed by weekly 121 and online sessions to continue with your behaviour modification or training programme

These also have access to myself 7 days a week via messenger for any ongoing advice and support required

Contact me for details and costs 

Group Dog Training Sessions

'Confidence Building Walks'


Perfect for reactive and nervous dogs - MAX 7 dogs per session- Outdoor area Motherwell. 

£15.00 per session

'Socialisation Walks'


Group walk 6-8 dogs MAX for fun, socialisation and lots of learning too .

Motherwell area

£15.00 per session

Dog Agility Fun


COMING SOON for 2019!!!!!

Group 'fun' agility sessions 

MAX 5 dogs per class

Outdoor agility area (weather dependant)

£15.00 per session

Individual sessions


Individual sessions can also be booked as and when you require them for £65 per session

Whether you just need some extra support following your consultation or in the weeks or months following a training or behaviour programme, the odd extra session is always handy to iron out any kinks in your progress



Available soon!! Online coaching programmes covering -

  • Separation anxiety
  • Puppy training in 10 easy steps
  • MORE to come!!

6-8 week online coaching and mentoring programmes with full support and access to myself as well as weekly coaching calls and 121 sessions included!

Contact me for information and cost

Telephone consultation


Although meeting in person with both you and your dog is always best, I can on occasion offer a telephone consultation or face to face Via Google hangouts (webcam).

Telephone / Skype or Google Hangout consultations are £75 and last approx 60 mins

If at any point I believe help cannot be offered without seeing your dog then I will advise you a face to face consultation is required.

However there are many instances where general help, advice and information is all an owner needs

Deposit & Payment


A deposit of £50 is required to secure your booking which can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal 

Balances are required in full on the day 

Ongoing behaviour or training programmes are payable in advance and in full. 

48 hours notice is required to cancel or change any appointments otherwise a further deposit would be required to secure another date 

Unfortunately less than 48 hours notice will result in loss of deposit or, if a 'programme', loss of that days session as it’s unlikely I’d be able to use the time for anyone else.

If for any reason I ever need to cancel any appointment, I’ll always endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and of course all sessions will be rescheduled at your convenience. 

Loose Lead Walking


Let me help you have a more relaxed and enjoyable walk with your dog.

Loose lead walking sessions from £50 

Learn how to handle your dogs lead, how to make him want to be closer to you and how to stop him from pulling you everywhere.

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