About me...... Dog trainer, Behaviourist, Coach & Friend

Let me tell you a little bit about me...


 I have had a passion for dogs my whole life, growing up with border collies and always looking after dogs for friends and family

In 2012 I decided to take things a step further and began my studies on both Dog Training and Behaviour in order to become a certified trainer and behaviourist


I set up my own dog training services in 2013 and have continued to help owners and their dogs since as well as continuing to further my own studies and knowledge.

At present we own five dogs of our own. Yes five!! 

Our Alaskan Malamute Bear, three Border Collies, Blue, Skye & Wee Bert and last but not least a little Jack Russel Terror (sorry terrier!) called Alfie. 

I offer dog training , puppy training, dog obedience training and behaviour support in Wishaw, Motherwell and most of the Lanarkshire based areas

Julie Smith dog training and behaviour in North Lanarkshire

Dog trainer

Certificates , Qualifications & Memberships


My first certificate was back in 2013 now and was a  'Think Dog' course via Sarah Whitehead. 

Since then I have accumulated many more including  IMDT certificates,  a BCCS diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour with a 'Merit' award, and an Open College Diploma course in dog training which I passed with 'Distinction'

 I am a member of and a recognised instructor for the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour, details of which can be found on the ADTB website. 

You'll also find my business listed on the British College of Canine Studies graduate directory

I continue to study now  and look to continue studying for many years to come. You can never know to much! 

Positive Reinforcement and Modern Training


 I use only positive and reward based training with all dogs including my own and truly believe this is the best way for not only the dogs but in order to strengthen the trust and bonds we have with them. This can be with food, praise or their favorite toy depending on the dog.

At no time do I use any aversive based training or methods such as choke or prong collars or anything which will harm or make the dog fearful in anyway.

My training methods are about building trust with your dog and strengthening the bond and relationship you have. I use ways which will motivate the dog and have been found to have better long term benefits for both you and him 

Our dogs

Bear & Poppy


Bear is our Alaskan Malamute and Poppy who we sadly lost in August 2017 was our little old lady jack Russel. The matriarch of the household. She would have been turning 15 shortly before she left us and was such a fantastic little dog.

Bear will be 6 in January 2020 and is very well trained as Malamutes go, earning his Road Safety Test certificate and doing extremely well in obedience classes.

He is a lazy boy though and not typical of his breed who are bred for pulling heavy weights over distance.  I tend to have to pull Bear after a walk of any distance! 

Wee Alfie


Alfie is 10 years old and is a loving wee man who just loves toys! He will happily play for hours on end before enjoying a nice cuddle with you on the sofa. 

Alfie hates other dogs and is offended at the mere thought of another one in his presence! He much prefers human company to canine although we have worked hard over the years to change the fear aggression he displays to a more calm and controlled behaviour in which he and I can control and walk away from.



Blue is my gorgeous Tri Border Collie. He is 11 years old in  2019 and we adopted him from Dog's Trust when he was around 6 months. 

Blue is quite possibly the best dog in the whole world. But that's just how he is and I can't even take all the credit. 

He is a great support to me when helping train other dogs wit fear aggression or poor socialisation issues.

He does suffer quite badly now from arthritis and now that he's in his senior years has been known to get a little crabby around more boisterous dogs.



Skye is now the only female dog in our household and will be 6 years old in September 2019

Skye enjoys doing obedience and trick training as well as agility throughout the summer when she can. She has endless energy and can run for miles (and miles and miles and miles!!!). 

She is a loving and affectionate wee soul who adores cuddles but is also a tomboy who loves puddles and mud even more!

Wee Bert


The newest addition to the Smith family is Wee Bert the border collie (yes... we do love Border collies!).

Bert is only 12 weeks in this photo and already loves obedience training.

He is beginning to practice certain tricks as well and is a typically intelligent border collie who learns fast!

We look forward to training Bert on agility from 2019 when is old enough for this too

Skye @ Agility


Regardless of how many dogs you may have in your home, having the right training, routine and exercise regime in place is essential for the overall well being of your dog and in creating the dog and behaviours you wish to see.

Both physical and mental stimulation are a must and go hand in hand together with neither one being a 'fix' on it's own.

Whether it may be training basic manners, obedience, tricks or agility

it will all help you create a bond with your dog like no other and a dog you will be proud to own and love.

Courses & Qualifications



Two day career as a dog trainer course

Two day puppy training course

Open College


Fully accredited level 4 Diploma in Dog training with 'Distinction' award.

British college of Canine Studies


Level 4 accredited Advanced dog behaviour diploma with 'Merit' award

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ADTB - Academy Dog Training & Behaviour


Six separate diplomas all with grade A+

Fully accredited and registered as a dog training instructor with this professional body

Sarah Whitehead Think Dog


Think Dog OCS accredited certificate in Dog Training with A+ grade

Rhodes To Safety

Rhodes To Safety

Rhodes to Safety canine first aid course

Fully Insured & recommended

Fully Insured Service


Petplan Sanctuary, underwritten by Brooksbraithwaite

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